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Friday, October 28, 2016

C.C. Hunter’s MIDNIGHT HOUR Blog Tour-Q&A/Book Teasers & Giveaway

“Shadow Falls has everything I could wish for in a series…a thrilling tale of self-discovery, friendship and love.” —Bewitched Bookworm
After captivating millions across the globe, the Shadow Falls saga reaches its final—and most unforgettable—chapter yet! Prepare to fall in love all over again. . .
Being a dyslexic witch is a curse in itself, but Miranda Kane’s time at Shadow Falls has helped her harness her magical powers. Now, just as she’s finally mastered them and is preparing to graduate with her friends, a near-death experience threatens to ruin it all.
Miranda awakens in the hospital with a mysterious tattoo that no one can explain. As she struggles to make sense of it – and questions her feelings for a certain irresistible shape-shifter and a hot new guy – the strange markings begin to spread all over her body, leaving her desperate to find answers. But before she can solve that problem, a new one arises: her sister is missing.
Has her sister been kidnapped? Miranda will risk her life to find out. Will she live to share the day she’s worked so hard for with her friends? When the clock strikes midnight, will Miranda make it to her graduation at Shadow Falls?
C. C. Hunter brings The Shadow Falls saga to a spectacular conclusion in this thrilling finale: Midnight Hour!

C.C. grew up in Alabama, where she caught lightning bugs, ran barefoot, and regularly rescued potential princes, in the form of Alabama bullfrogs, from her brothers. Today, she's still fascinated with lightning bugs, mostly wears shoes, but has turned her focus to rescuing mammals. She now lives in Texas with her four rescued cats, one dog, and a prince of a husband, who for the record, is so not a frog. When she's not writing, she's reading, spending time with her family, or is shooting things-with a camera, not a gun.

C.C. Hunter is a pseudonym. Her real name is Christie Craig and she also writes humorous romantic suspense romance novels for Grand Central.

C.C. would love to hear from you. Because of deadlines, it may take her a day or so to get back with you, but she will reply.


       If you found a genie, what would be your three wishes?

* Good health for myself and my loved ones.  We so often take that for granted.

* More laughter.  I think laughter is a weapon we need to confront the stresses of everyday life.  I love to laugh and do it often.  But I could still use a little more.

* More time.  I really need twenty-eight hours in a day.  It’s so hard to balance everything I want to do in a twenty-four hour period.  I need a few more hours of work time, an hour more of play time, and another hour of family time.

     What do you hope readers will take away from reading this book?

Oddly enough, I don’t write a book for the take-away lesson, I write to entertain.  That said, every book I write ends up with an underlying message depending on what the character needs to learn, and what she will encounter on her journey through her own character arc.  For Miranda, my dyslexic witch, her arc included overcoming self-doubt.  Discovering that even our flaws, when dealt with properly, can offer us gifts and talents.  This story was close to my heart considering that I’m also dyslexic. 

       Tell us Seven things we may not know about your writing life...

* I’m a workaholic.  I work around ten to twelve hours a day.
* I’m not one who writes well in Starbucks.  I like to people watch too much.  
So my office is where I produce the most pages in a day.
* I love organization.  I don’t like clutter, but my office is a cluttered, organized mess. 
* I have a foot massager under my desk, so I spend at least an hour a day getting my feet massaged while I write.
* I love writing. It’s my passion and I don’t ever plan to stop.  I love it so much
 that often I will forget to eat or even take a potty break.
* I cry, laugh and talk to myself when I write.  If someone saw me, they 
might think I need to be committed.
* I’ve not only written and published young adult fiction, I write and publish adult humorous, romantic suspense as Christie Craig.  I also have published three non-fiction books.  And have published over 3000 articles for magazines.  In my non-fiction career, I interviewed Tom Selleck. 

      What can we expect from Midnight Hour?

You can expect tears and laughter and a romance that will leave you sighing. You can expect a book that’s hard to put down and sadly, a story that concludes the Shadow Falls series.  Good byes are hard.  I tried to give the readers the best final book I could.

       Was there any particular research that you did for the new book?

You know, if someone checked out my Google searches while writing this book, they might be very concerned.  While working on Midnight Hour, I searched bombs, explosions, snakes—if they can smell and what a cobra bite will do to a person—and how long it takes for a dead person to start stinking. 

       When you start writing, do you already have an ending in mind, or do you just let the narrative go where it takes you?

I call myself a pantser, meaning I write by the seat of my pants.  My agent argues with me that I’m not a pantser, that I always know what’s going to happen.  I guess I do know some of it.  Before I start a book, I kind of know the dramatic events that will happen in the story.  I know what my character wants and sort of what is going to stand in their way to achieving that goal.  I figure out what she is most afraid of and how I’m going to make her face those fears.   I never write anything down.  It’s all in my head.  So, I might know a few things about the character and sort of have an idea of a few plot points.  It’s always the emotional cues that I know.  But much of my stories evolve as I’m writing them.  Amazingly, I don’t always have the ending scene in mind.  Often, that scene comes to me when I realize what is most important to the character.  The ending has to be powerful.  It needs to give me and my readers a big gulp of satisfaction.  A feeling that all is well in life.

Okay, I promised you something special. Everyone asks me for more Kylie and Lucas. You’ve all been hungry for a little more of the couple who started it all. Well, I listened. So, I’ve written one final Shadow Falls novella about Kylie and Lucas. It’s called Fighting Back. But you can’t just buy this novella. No, this time it’s a bit different. You can actually get it for FREE!
All you have to do is preorder Midnight Hour and submit your e-receipt HERE, and on October 25th, you’ll receive a FREE copy of Fighting Back, the novella that will take you back to the first Shadow Falls romance that grabbed your heart. That’s right. All you have to do is buy a book that you were going to buy anyway, but just preorder it before it’s released. Midnight Hour is available now for preorder at AmazonBarnes & Noble, iBooks and Kobo.
Midnight Hour Teasers

Just because you think you might be in love with someone doesn’t mean you can’t admire another’s derrière.
When you lose your sister, you lose a part of yourself.
Love can make you do crazy things—like go on the lam with a guy wanted by the FRU.
Sometimes doing the right thing can hurt, but it’s still right.
If you can be anything, sometimes the hardest thing to be—is yourself.
Who knew that becoming a pink polka dotted elephant could save people you love?
Crawling under a dark, damp house with spiders and rodents is unpleasant, even when you’re a snake.
Being stuck between two guys is like being the white filling of an Oreo. And when you pull it apart, you’ll stick to only one wafer.
Some families have the occasional skeleton in the closet, other families have a warehouse full.
Sometimes the truth is sharp and jagged and can cut you.
Belief in yourself not only changes how you see yourself, but also how others see you.
Change can be both exhilarating and scare the crap out of you—all at the same time.
Some of us are born fighters and others need a little training.
Breaking up is hard to do!
There is a girlfriend code of ethics that shouldn’t be broken.
Parents makes mistakes, some of them are forgivable.  Others should have never become parents to start with.
Sometimes when someone says they are there to help you, it’s hard to believe—especially if it’s an armadillo.  
Becoming who you need to be is sometimes more about accepting who you are.
Our decisions, the paths we think we should take are often paths that our parents guided us to follow.  Sometimes we need to stop and listen to our own hearts to know which road to take.
Sometimes the irritating tension between two people can end up to be a different kind of tension--one that involves the heart.
Sometimes the hardest thing to forgive someone is when someone you love puts themselves in a dangerous situation.  But sometimes when we do put ourselves in danger, we’re doing to save the same person who will likely never forgive us.
Even in the supernatural world, men are from Mars and women are from Venus.  We will never quite see things the same way, but it’s a lot of fun trying.
No matter terrible or horrific things stem from family linage, you don’t have to follow that path.  The sins of our fathers are not our sins to bear.  Our destinies are our own.

There is almost nothing that can’t be solved at a round-table-diet-coke discussion.
Graduation means saying goodbye.  Graduation means leaving pieces and parts of our past behind.  But it is a passage that we must take in one of the first steps into adulthood.

Fighting Back Teasers

If you don’t talk about problems in your relationship, they can fester.
Relationships are alive, they need to be fed, watered and given TLC to continue to flourish.
When you have to fart, make sure you sit next to a dog you can blame.
Sometimes a thing can start out feeling like a curse, but end up feeling like a gift.
A relationship is never fifty-fifty.  Sometimes you end up giving more and sometimes you end up getting more, but watching that balance is essential to keeping love alive.
There is such thing as the perfect apology.
Sometimes the people you respect don’t deserve it.  Sometime people use their status and power for their own good, or for the good of evil.
The past is meant to be overcome.  Holding on to hatred and grievances will keep you from finding the best future.
When one window is locked, use another.  But be prepared to face a pissed off vampire protecting her friend who purposely locked that window.
Ghost are a real B with an itch to deal with, but most of the time, they are there to save the day.
Sometimes it’s the most unlikely friends who can help save you.
Even when someone you love dies, you don’t give up.  You never, ever give up!

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