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Monday, February 25, 2019

Review of CONNECTIONS IN DEATH By J D Robb- 1*

In this gritty and gripping new novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series, Eve Dallas fights to save the innocent―and serve justice to the guilty―on the streets of New York.

Homicide cop Eve Dallas and her billionaire husband, Roarke, are building a brand-new school and youth shelter. They know that the hard life can lead kids toward dangerous crossroads―and with this new project, they hope to nudge a few more of them onto the right path. For expert help, they hire child psychologist Dr. Rochelle Pickering―whose own brother pulled himself out of a spiral of addiction and crime with Rochelle’s support.
Lyle is living with Rochelle while he gets his life together, and he’s thrilled to hear about his sister’s new job offer. But within hours, triumph is followed by tragedy. Returning from a celebratory dinner with her boyfriend, she finds Lyle dead with a syringe in his lap, and Eve’s investigation confirms that this wasn’t just another OD. After all his work to get clean, Lyle’s been pumped full of poison―and a neighbor with a peephole reports seeing a scruffy, pink-haired girl fleeing the scene.
Now Eve and Roarke must venture into the gang territory where Lyle used to run, and the ugly underground world of tattoo parlors and strip joints where everyone has taken a wrong turn somewhere. They both believe in giving people a second chance. Maybe even a third or fourth. But as far as they’re concerned, whoever gave the order on Lyle Pickering’s murder has run out of chances…
Title: Connections in Death 
Series: In Death (#48)
Author: J D Robb
Genre: Murder Mystery
Rating: *
Publishers: St. Martin's Press
(February 5, 2019)
Hardback: 384 pages
ISBN: 978-1250201577
FTC Disclosure: Public Library

I never thought I'd see the day that I gave a JD Robb/Nora Roberts book a one star review. While this was absolutely the dullest murder mystery that Eve Dallas has ever been involved with, I also have my doubts that it was penned by Robb. There is none of the clever wit, snarky humor, or warmth that I have come to expect when reading an IN DEATH book. There was no clever evil doer that Eve matched wits with. It was blah! It was so flat, no life at all to the story. I've been less than satisfied with the last couple of books in the series but this one was a new low. All the characters were there, Eve , Roark, Somerset, Peabody, Feeney, McNab, but none of the life that you expect from this series. Thank goodness it was a library book. I thought I might be getting burned out on the series so after the last book I started listening to the series as audio books and nope they were as great the second time as the first. The newer books just fail to rise to the level of the earlier books. So as much as it grieves me it may be time to pull the plug on what has up to now been my favorite on going series.

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