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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Black Friday Sales from Entangled


Author L. Jagi Lamplighter Interview and $75.00 Amazon Gift Card Contest

“Before coming to Roanoke Academy, Rachel Griffin had been an obedient girl—but it’s hard to obey the rules when the world is in danger, and no one will listen.
Now, she’s eavesdropping on Wisecraft Agents and breaking a lot of rules. Because if the adults will not believe her, then it is up to Rachel and her friends—crazy, orphan-boy Sigfried the Dragonslayer and Nastasia, the Princess of Magical Australia—to stop the insidious Mortimer Egg from destroying the world.
But first she must survive truth spells, fights with her brother, detention, Alchemy experiments, talking to elves, and conjuring class. As if that were not bad enough, someone has turned the boy she likes into a sheep.
Oh, and the Raven with blood-red eyes continues to watch her. It is said to be an omen of the Doom of Worlds. Will her attempts to save her world bring the Raven’s wrath down upon her?”
Read a 5 star review of The Raven, the Elf, and Rachel by clicking here.
Buy a print copy of  The Raven, the Elf, and Rachel from Amazon by clicking here.

Buy a Kindle copy of  The Raven, the Elf, and Rachel from Amazon by clicking here.

Books in the Books of Unexpected Enlightenment series in the order they should be read:

CONTEST INFO: Open to readers worldwide. 

Prize: A $75.00 Amazon Gift Card 

The Fortuitous Pen book blast! #PenBlast

Can their everyday life of sexy trysts and loving adventures be enough to overcome mistakes of the past?
Publication Date: November 25, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

After making an immediate connection in ‘Going the Distance’, Austin Campbell and Brett Tanner continue their lives together as they adjust to life as a sexy New York couple.

Having fallen madly in love with Brett, Austin balances her time between her writing, and the delicious romps with her fiercely loyal and equally adventurous lover.   Determined to focus on her writing, Austin experiences an accidental encounter that sets the two off on a journey of pain and healing.  Can their everyday life of sexy trysts and loving adventures be enough to overcome mistakes of the past?

I’m the accidental author.

In so many ways, becoming a published author happened by chance.

For years, I’ve worked in the corporate world.  My degrees are in business.  Essentially, I’m a problem solver for corporations and government.  So, you can imagine how much of a shift it was for me to sit down and write fiction.

During the summer of 2013, I put pen to paper.  I let my sexy imagination loose and before I knew it I’d filled a more than a few pages.  The characters came to life and a story began to take shape.

And so began, the greatest chapter of my life.

Writing has been cathartic.  Becoming published has been exhilarating.

This journey isn’t over.  I continue to write, as time permits.  Another manuscript is in the works.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Pre-order Promotion for Young adult fantasy #ShadowPromo by Marc Secchia

 photo 23478514.jpg

By Marc Secchia
Publication Date: December 10, 2014
Series: Shapeshifter Dragons #2
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Chameleon Shapeshifters, uncontrollable storm powers, and the rise of Sylakia’s Dragon-elite. The battle against evil scales new heights, but the price of victory grows ever dearer. 

Once, a Shadow Dragon ravaged the Island-World. Insatiable. Unstoppable. A Dragon-killer. Now the Shadow Dragon has reappeared, on a collision course with Aranya and King Beran’s campaign to liberate the Islands from the scourge of Sylakian tyranny. He is dark, beautiful and deadly, a predator of untold power. 

Meantime, Thoralian weaves his web of guile and betrayal right in the hearts of Aranya’s friends and allies. He will bring them to an encounter only he can win. 

Incredible aerial battles. An Ancient Dragon bent on enslaving Aranya. The treacherous secrets of Dragon magic. This is the fight for which destiny has shaped a heroine of rare courage–Aranya, Princess of Immadia. Criminal. Shapeshifter Dragon. A woman who will confront evil at any cost. Spite her at your peril.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Exclusive Cover Reveal and Sneak Peek of SEDUCED IN SAND

Romeo, Romeo, where for art my Romeo? #onlinedating

Tabatha Sampson set her phone on the bar, well aware that her date was ten minutes late, and turned her attention from Twitter and what-ifs to the glass of Moscato sitting before her. After a crap day at work, she’d seriously considered a heavier drink, a triple shot of something one hundred proof, but stopped herself for the sake of her date.
If she’d met the man before, even once, she’d have been more inclined to go ahead and indulge in the stronger drink. Predictably, first dates, especially those planned over the Internet, were tricky enough with the need to be on her best behavior and make a good first impression. Wouldn’t want to do anything remotely scandalous that could turn a man off. Booze, especially too much or something too hard, put first impressions in jeopardy.She’d also learned the worst time to reach for liquor was when she felt a need for it. That was when she was more inclined to overindulge. Overindulgence never really killed the pain, but instead only dulled it temporarily.
“Rough day?”
“Not the smoothest.”
Sam, a bartender Tabatha had met through her co-worker and friend Misty, leaned against the bar and sent her steady I’m-a-bartender-and-can-see-into-your-soul stare across the bar. “You sure that wine is going to be enough?”
“It’s going to have to be.” Tabatha smiled, almost feeling like it was real.
“Bride trouble?”
“Venue trouble, which caused the bride trouble.”
Tabatha prided herself in being the Master of Venues at Tulle and Tulips Designer Weddings. But when a hotel double-booked a space, and forgot to mention the issue until a month before a wedding, even the master struggled to pull perfection out of her hat. The need for perfection had required her to rearrange her day and spent seven hours with an understandably panicked bride.It had taken the efforts of Tabatha, Kayla, Lori and Tess to ease the bride’s anxieties and prevent her from severing the heads of innocent bystanders. After several hours of last-minute appointments and venue visits, they’d found a place suitable for the bride’s vision. It had actually been a place she looked at early in the planning stages but vetoed because of price. In addition to being a venue master, Tabatha also had a reputation as a tough negotiator. Due to the hotel’s mistake, they would be paying a breach of contract fine that made the new location more than affordable.
The satisfaction of the win had soothed the bride’s feathers nicely, but the remnants of the stress took longer to fade from Tabatha’s neck and shoulders.
“If you change your mind,” Sam said as she smiled at an approaching customer, “just let me know.”
“I won’t, but thanks for the offer.” Tabatha caught sight of the newcomer in the mirror behind the bar, but it was only enough to identify a man. His hat and glasses obscured any details.
“Yeah, Tabatha never changes her mind once it’s made up.” The man spoke near her ear as be brushed aside her hair and sniffed her. “Still too uptight for the good stuff I see.”
Shivers ran down her neck and she knew, instantly and instinctively, that her date was the one man she’d expected never to hear from again, at least not in person. As quickly as she recognized him all the old feelings kicked in.Disappointment and lust and anger and rapture. Danny awakened every emotion by existing. His free-spirited approach to life made her feel more alive than anyone or anything else. And he always let her down by his inability to be dependable.Shivers of attraction turned to the heat of resentment. She’d finally decided to start dating again, to see if anyone could make her feel half of what her friends seemed to be finding, and in walked her husband.He would be her ex-husband if he stopped playing games with the attorneys and sign the divorce papers. But no. He did just enough to keep them legally married, so the best she’d gotten in over a year after leaving him was a legal separation.
“Danny. What are you doing here?”
“We have a date.”
“No.” He couldn’t be Daniel, the man she’d been communicating with through the dating site. The man whose profile picture, and every other picture she found online, was an action shot of him spiking a ball over the volleyball net. Dark glasses, a ball cap and white sun block on his nose added to his appeal and left her imagination free to fill in the details.The wildest musings of her imagination hadn’t filled in details resembling Danny.Yeah, he was as gorgeous as ever. Tall and lean, tan and blond, in amazing shape. But Danny was Danny, a beach bum with a good heart and crappy follow through. Danny defined forgetfulness and adventure. The man she’d agreed to meet was Daniel, a serious athlete respected for his dedication to his teammate and named as a favorite for the Olympic team. Daniel was a man who defined commitment and follow through.She’d had Danny, the man who’d given her no reason to stay with him. She wanted Daniel, the man who’d given her every reason to think he was worth a risk. “We do not have a date.”
He slid onto the stool beside her and reached for her hand. She pulled it away.
“You’re here for Daniel, an Olympic-caliber volleyball player.”
“Yes, and though you might be comfortable in the sand—” and anyplace else that allowed him to be a responsibility shirking bum, “—you lack the dedication to be a serious athlete or dependable partner. I won’t go into the list of other things you lack, but someone should warn your teammate.”
“I never thought you had it in you to be cold, Tabatha.”
“That’s just the thing, Danny.” The old hurt that came from wanting him to be different and always being disappointed when he wasn’t took control. “You know nothing about me.” She reached into her purse and pulled out some cash to pay for her drink. “You never did. I, however, know you. If you’d been honest with your identity on your profile I’d have known you’d be late.”
“And I know more than you think. Like if I’d been completely honest on my profile we wouldn’t be here now. I know I’ve changed and could convince you if you gave me a chance.” He grabbed her hand when she stood to leave. “I especially knew how to make your body hum. And I’d bet I still do.”
Her body heated, blood and vein and muscle, in an instant. The day’s stress that hadn’t eased faded beneath the warmth to be replaced by irritation. Irritation that she had no control of her reactions to his touch. Instead of saying anything, she stared at him.“Come back to my place.” He smiled the charming smile that had always weakened her knees or diffused her anger or kicked her libido into overdrive. “Let me  remind you of all the ways we’ve always been right together.”
Calmly, when she didn’t feel calm at all, she pulled her hand from his grasp and took a step away from him and the barstools. Every inch she put between them helped her resist the temptation to give in to him. She’d needed to distance herself from him when they were together.  She needed to stay away now.
He could turn her resistance to mush with nothing more than a look. A touch  sent her heart racing and fuzzed her mind of everything but thoughts of him. A whisper or breath against her skin had her ready to rip of her clothes. And his.
Sex had never been a problem for them.
He claimed to be different, and she wanted it to be the truth. The idea that he would move from California to Miami and become a responsible man capable of dedicating himself to something was appealing. Thinking he did it for her, even partially, ignited a dangerous excitement.
She held firm in her resolve.
“I am not going anywhere with you. Whatever game you’re playing, give it up and sign the divorce papers. Sam,” Tabatha said as she grabbed her phone, “have a great night.”
“Tell Jace we miss him around here,” Sam said with a goodbye wave.
“You bet.” It was a harmless statement, but it filled Tabatha with pleasure when she saw Danny’s brown eyes darken until the green flecks in their depths vanished. He was jealous, and she wasn’t going to tell him Jace was a friend’s fiancé. Jealousy suggested he cared about something other than himself.
She was smiling as she promised to deliver Sam’s message. She was tweeting as she crossed the bar for the exit.
A douche is a douche of course of course and no woman should date a douche of course. #onlinedating
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Bibliophile Mystery: Reissue and Giveaway! Every Last Fantasy: A Christ...

Bibliophile Mystery: Reissue and Giveaway! Every Last Fantasy: A Christ...: Amazon / B&N  / Smashwords / iBooks After a naughty Christmas wish, Vikky discovers that she has a wicked secret admirer. Ta...

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Author Terry Spear Character Interview and Contest

“It’s going to take a lot of mistletoe…
Guthrie MacNeill, financial advisor for his clan and werewolf pack, is at his wit’s end when the pack leader’s mate hires a gorgeous party planner to bring holiday cheer to the castle. Guthrie’s wildly attracted to Calla, except he can’t reconcile the fact that his job is to save the clan’s money, and hers seems to be to spend it.
To warm this Highlander’s heart
Calla Stewart has never had a more difficult client. The laird and lady of the castle are delightful, but the handsome Highlander holding the purse strings is quite impossible. Since she specializes in holiday magic, Calla hopes she can make the scrooge-like wolf lighten up. Then Guthrie takes on the role of Highland warrior to protect her from an unexpected threat, and the holidays take a turn for the passionate.”
Read a 5 star review of A Highland Wolf Christmas by clicking here.
Buy a print copy of A Highland Wolf Christmas from Amazon by clicking here.

Buy a Kindle copy of A Highland Wolf Christmas from Amazon by clicking here.

Books in the Heart of the Wolf series in the order they should be read:

CONTEST INFO: Open to readers worldwide except where noted. 

Prize 1: 2 print copies of A SEAL Wolf Christmas - US Only
Prize 2: 2 eBook copies of Cougar’s Mate 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cover Reveal for Chloe Neill's New DEVIL'S ISLE Series!

Seven years ago, the Veil that separates us from what lies beyond
was torn apart, and New Orleans was engulfed in a supernatural war.
Now, those with paranormal powers have been confined in a walled
community that humans call the District. Those who live there call it
Devil’s Isle. Claire Connolly is a good girl with a dangerous secret:
she’s a Sensitive, a human endowed with magic that seeped through
the Veil. Claire knows that revealing her skills would mean being
confined to Devil’s Isle. Unfortunately, hiding her power has left her
untrained and unfocused…
Liam Quinn knows from experience that magic makes monsters of
the weak, and he has no time for a Sensitive with no control of her
own strength. But when he sees Claire using her powers to save a
human under attack — in full view of the French Quarter — Liam
decides to bring her to Devil’s Isle and the teacher she needs—
even though getting her out of his way isn’t the same as keeping
her out of his head. But when the Veil threatens to shatter completely,
Claire and Liam must work together to stop it, or else New Orleans will burn…
THE VEIL will be released on August 4, 2015.

Preorder THE VEIL Now!
Curious what Cadogan House looks like? Check out Chloe's Cadogan House
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Author Jamie Wyman Release Party and Amazon Gift Card Contest

“Technomancer Catherine Sharp has an extensive resume. Rewiring celebrity panic rooms. Doing IT work for the best casinos in Las Vegas. Completing server repair. But nowhere in her job description does it say she’ll be investigating grisly murders. However, a girl is dead, and the gods are calling for the head of her killer. And the deity who owns Cat’s soul has demanded that she lead the hunt.
Adding to the fun, a team of ruthless mages is scouring Sin City searching for a magical veil that they think Cat possesses. By hook or by crook, they will get the relic, no matter how many bodies they must leave in their wake. One little problem, though…Cat doesn’t know what or where the veil is.
With two mysteries to solve, and the gods growing impatient, Cat knows she has little time to piece together the flimsy clues. Now, she must enlist the help of her best friend and his new girlfriend, put her trust in one who has betrayed her, and wade through some murky family secrets, before she winds up worm food herself…
Place your bets, for the truth is about to be unveiled.”
Buy a Kindle copy of Unveiled from Amazon by clicking here.
Books in the Etudes in C# series in the order they should be read:

CONTEST INFO: Open to readers worldwide. 
Prize: A $25.00 Amazon Gift Card 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Author Linsey Hall Release Party and $50.00 Amazon Gift Card Contest

“As chaos looms, a warrior queen is reborn
Bookish academic Diana Laughton has been having terrible dreams. Dreams of battle, dreams of blood… dreams so vivid she’s living them day and night. When demons invade her quiet life, she wonders if she’s going mad. Or if perhaps she’s remembering a past life she had no idea existed…
In the midst of betrayal, he must protect her
Mythean Guardian Cadan Trinovante loved and betrayed Britain’s warrior queen Boudica two millennia ago. Now he’s tasked with protecting mortals whose lives affect the fate of humanity. His latest assignment is Boudica herself, reincarnated as a woman with no idea of her past or her fated future. Though in the irresistible form of Diana Laughton, it’s possible Cadan has once again met his match…
To succumb to seduction could prove fatal
Thrown together in a shadowy world that exists alongside our own, Diana and Cadan must fight not only the demonic forces that want Diana dead, but a past and a passion that have lasted centuries. Their desire could be deadly. But as evil from the underworld unites against them, their only hope could be each other.”
A man desperate to save his soul
Three hundred years ago, Warren sold his soul in exchange for the safety of his people. He lives immortal and inhuman, a life in the shadows, hiding his secrets. Until now, when he finally has the chance to reclaim his soul after three centuries of suffering…
A woman forced to live as a renegade
Esha is a soulceress, an immortal who drains the magical powers of others. Shunned by everyone she meets, she’s a rogue mercenary who hunts evil for a living. The only man she cannot harm is Warren, whose secrets intrigue her and whose body sparks her desire…
An evil power that can destroy them
Esha is the only person who can help Warren reclaim his soul. But what begins as a simple quest soon becomes a deadly battle, one in which choices will be made and secrets revealed that could tear them apart. As Esha and Warren uncover their passion, they must defeat the evil forces unleashed against them before time runs out…”
“It’s her last chance at freedom…
Andrasta, Celtic goddess of victory, has fled the cold, sterile wasteland of Otherworld for the steamy South American jungle. It’s only a matter of time before the vengeful gods catch and punish her – unless she can convince the man she betrayed two thousand years ago to help…
And only her enemy can save her
Born in Otherworld to the life of a god, Camulos went rogue centuries ago. He’s living on the banks of the Amazon, boxing in bare-knuckled fights. The gods believe he’s dead – until Ana finds him. Ana, the woman who gave him nothing but trouble, and the woman he could never forget…
Even the gods have secrets
Thrown together, Ana and Cam must evade the wrath of the gods and a return to the living death of Otherworld. But as they flee through the jungle – and as their passion ignites – they find themselves at the heart of an ancient secret. One that could kill them both and extinguish their souls forever…”
Read a 4.5 star review of Braving Fate by clicking here.

Read a 4.5 star review of Soulceress by clicking here.

Buy a Kindle copy of Braving Fate from Amazon by clicking here. – ONLY .99 Cents!

Buy a Kindle copy of Soulceress from Amazon by clicking here.
Buy a Kindle copy of Rogue Soul from Amazon by clicking here.

Books in the Mythean Arcana series in the order they should be read:

Stolen Fate – Dec. 8th, 2014

All books are stand alone novels that are only a tiny bit better if read in order.
CONTEST INFO: Open to readers worldwide. 

Prize: A $50.00 Amazon Gift Card