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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Release Tour & Guest Post For THEODORA by Christina McKnight

Friendship…Loyalty…and Honor above all.
Out Jan 17th – Regency Romance, Theodora by Christina McKnight,
 the first in the Lady Archer’s Creed series.

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Theodora by Christina McKnight.

Title: Theodora
Series: Lady Archer’s Creed (Book One)
Author: Christina McKnight
Genre: Historical Romance, Regency 
Release Date: Jan 17, 2017

Lady Theodora Montgomery departed Miss Emmeline’s School of Education and Decorum for Ladies of Outstanding Quality to attend her first London Season—her three dearest friends by her side. With her sharp wit and skill on the archery field, Theo is far more interested in winning a large purse prize than securing a husband. But when she is unmasked on the tourney grounds, her face exposed to all, she fears her identity and days spent gallivanting around London will cause not only her undoing, but the downfall of her friends as well. 
Mr. Alistair Price, heir to the elderly Viscount Melton, arrived in London with his eight younger siblings in tow. He is charged with keeping his family name above reproach until the Season starts and his sister, Miss Adeline Price, is presented to society—though that proves far more difficult than Alistair ever expected when he discovers his rebellious sister climbing down the side of their townhouse and scurrying off to Whitechapel for an archery tournament. His focus remains on saving his family from the certain ruin and disgrace Adeline’s actions invites—until Alistair catches sight of another female archer, her arrow connecting with far more than the center of her target.
And honor above all…
With Theodora’s future—and that of her friends—in jeopardy, will she agree to a marriage devoid of affection, or risk everything for the man who won her heart?

Available at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks

**************GUEST POST************

How do your characters celebrate the holidays?

Mr. Alistair Price, soon-to-be Viscount Melton, reclined in his father’s study; unsuccessfully ignoring the bickering between his two youngest brothers. Alfred and Adrian raised voices could be heard as they fought over some childish toy. His head pounded and swirled when he closed his eyes and took several calming breaths. It was a trick he’d learned from his mother, Viscountess Melton, only the summer before—when they’d asked him to accompany his brood of wayward offspring to London for a Season.
And so, with eight siblings in tow, Alistair had set off for town.
Never, ever, had he thought introducing his eldest sister, Adeline, to society, would end with him meeting and falling in love with a masterful female archer—especially one who could soundly best him on the archery field.
That she happened to be his sister’s best friend was all the more reason he should have kept far from her.
Lady Theodora Cartwright…as of a fortnight before, Lady Theodora Price. 
They’d wed Christmastide morning, surrounded by their closest kin. Even his parents, the aging Viscount and Viscountess Melton journeyed to London for the festivities—bringing with them gifts for each of their offspring. 
Theo was everything Alistair never thought he’d be blessed with in a mate: a kind heart, a resounding wit, and a mind rivaling some of the great thinkers of the modern world.
She deserved far more than what he’d burdened her with—eight siblings to marry off before the Melton coffers dried up. 
The shouting intensified outside his door, and a thump, followed by a loud wail of pain told Alistair one of his brothers had resorted to a hard shove to end the bickering.
“Alfred!” Alistair shouted. “Adrian! Get in here, the both of you!”
A loud clatter sounded outside the door. “Yes, Alistair?” they called in unison, peeking their heads inside the room.
“What in heavens are you fighting over?” Their matching conspiratorial grins said he’d be better off not knowing. “Out with it. I have work to do and need quiet to do it.”
He was taking Theo on a trip. Nothing grand, as their limited funds precluded travel outside a few days ride from London. He’d settled on Bath—even located a lovely inn with a breathtaking garden. It would be his luck that a heavy drizzle would fall the entire trip, but at least they would be afforded privacy. A scarce thing when so many lived in one townhouse. It was to be his Christmastide gift to her.
“We were only practicing, Alistair,” Adrian confessed.
“But we will move outside—or at least away from your door.” Alfred bowed his head in forged remorse, but not enough to hide his mischievous smile. “You will not hear from us again.”
“Unless you try to fence my bow again,” Adrian mumbled under his breath.
“Bow?” Alistair pushed his chair back and stood. “What bow?”
“Bowssss,” Adrian emphasized.
“Where in heavens did you get bows,” Alistair thundered. “And you best not be shooting them in the house.” 
Light female laughter came from the hall, and Alistair’s heart soared at the same time his worry vanished.
Theo stepped into the room, her hands folded primly before her. All reasonable thought left him at the stunning sight of her gowned in a periwinkle day dress. 
“My brother and Judith sent gifts for the children. Adrian and Alfred received matching bows.”
“Blast it all. I should have known Cartwright was behind this!” Alistair grumbled.
A smile lit her face. “Yes, he has always been marvelous at selecting gifts.”
His brow rose. “Why ever would you think Christmastide gifts of archery bows were a marvelous idea?”
“Because, dear husband.” The young boys giggled as Theo glided across the room and around Alistair’s desk. “They are to stay with Simon and Jude—at their townhouse—while we travel to Bath for our holiday. I will make certain they bring their new bows with them…along with the oil paints they sent for Ainsley.”
He chuckled. “You are clever and beautiful!”
Theo lifted to her tiptoes and pressed her lips to his.
A chorus of gagging noises sounded behind them as the boys rushed from the room and slammed the door to escape the sight of physical affection between the newlyweds. 
“It seems there is no easier way to clear a room in this house than to kiss you, my husband,” she jested. “But privacy is always welcome when I’m in your arms.”
“Thankfully, we have a long carriage ride ahead of us tomorrow,” he said. “Plenty of alone time.”
“Are you certain we cannot take all the children with us?” Theo asked. 
Alistair couldn’t help but laugh. Half of his siblings were anything but children—and the other half were far too unruly to be trusted not to bring the Inn down around their ears.
“They will not be coming, Lady Theodora Melton.” He pulled her close. “Our Christmastide celebration may be a few days late, but this trip is for you and I. The children will be here when we return—that is if they haven’t duped Cartwright and fled to parts unknown.”
“My brother, with Jude’s help, is more than capable of keeping watch over them.”
“I certainly hope so,” he sighed. “After this trip, I won’t have the funds to pay their way out of Newgate or settle any debts occurred—and have coin left for Adeline’s dowry.”
“Then we will all be blessed to live together under one roof long into the future!”
When the color drained from his face, she giggled.
“Do not jest like that, woman!” He placed a demanding kiss to her mouth. “Or you and I will have no choice but to relocate to Bath, permanently, leaving my siblings to fend for themselves.”
“Oh, do not say that around Simon.” She swatted his chest. “Or he would certainly think you serious—and send them all away to boarding school. Now, come, my dear husband. We have a Christmastide trip to ready for.”

To Alistair’s satisfaction and excitement, they did have much to prepare before morning. On the morrow, they’d leave their crowded townhouse, and the busy streets of London, for a Christmastide celebration in Bath.

Christina McKnight is a book lover turned writer. From a young age, her mother encouraged her to tell her own stories. She’s been writing ever since. 
Christina enjoys a quiet life in Northern California with her family, her wine, and lots of coffee. Oh, and her books…don’t forget her books! Most days she can be found writing, reading, or traveling the great state of California.

You can visit her online at the following places: 

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