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Friday, March 24, 2017

Review For EXTRA CREDIT By Poppy Dunne- 4 1/2 *

Author: Poppy Dunne
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Rating: * * * *
Publishers: Amazon Digital Svcs LLC
(Mar 20, 2017)
File Size- 1560 KB
FTC Disclosure: Copy provided by the publisher for the purpose of providing an honest review. This does not effect my opinion of this book.

The first time I saw Will Munroe I had him pegged as a typical LA douchebag—a little too handsome, a little too rich, a little too into his probiotic kale smoothies. The next time I ran into him—at his daughter’s parent/teacher conference (me: teacher, he: parent)—I noticed his steel grey eyes, his hard chest under a crisp white button down, and his suggestively bare ring finger. I was hooked.

If life really imitated art, he’d have swept me off my feet and taken me right there on the principal's desk. Instead, we are stuck in our assigned roles. He’s the workaholic single dad of a precocious girl child, and I’m her fiery substitute teacher. Never the two shall meet. Enter one zany, yurt-dwelling ex-wife, a stock market that never sleeps, and some over-the-top, A-list fundraisers, and I've got plenty of drama ahead. Better to keep my hands to myself.

But when Will asks me out for a pancake breakfast, how can I resist? My heart (and my stomach) say yes, but am I willing to risk my job for a short stack and a romp in the hay? A slow, sensual, mind-blowing romp in the hay…

But where there’s a Will…
I just loove when a good romance can be both sexy and laugh out loud funny. To me laughter in a relationship is very, very sexy. The connection between Will and Chelle was instantly recognizable and  so hot. This was my first Poppy Dunne book and certainly won't be my last. The only reservation I had at all was that the book was in alternate POVs. I almost didn't notice in this book, that's how good Dunne was at it. It still tends to pull me out of the story but less so than usual.
I've got to admit that the humor and the addition of Will's awesome daughter ( I always enjoy a precocious kid) were my top favorite things about this book. Oh, and Chelle's clown parents! I'm quite sure I've never read a story that had clowning as an occupation before. 
Actually this book had such a fresh feel to it, it was almost in a new and different genre, and I loved it.

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