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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Betsy the Vampire Queen(Queen Betsy BKS 1-4) by MaryJanice Davidson

Betsy the Vampire Queen (Queen Betsy, Bks 1-4)
Book Type: Hardcover
Rating: * * * * *
Review Date: 9/8/2009

"--Undead and Unwed (Queen Betsy, Bk 1)--
Betsy Taylor is having a helluva week. She's been laid off, her stepmother boycotted her birthday party (again), her cat isn't speaking to her, she can count on one hand how often she's gotten laid in the last 18 months, and she's dead.

As if this wasn't bad enough, she can't seem to stay dead. She rises each night in search of unholy sustenance and designer footwear. Worse, the other vampires are convinced she's been other words, she's the new vampire queen.
More concerned with her looks than vamp politics, Betsy just wants to keep her head down and adjust to her new liquid diet. Trouble is, the only vampires who want her more than the good guys are the bad guys. And when the good guys are ruthless, and the bad guys are unhinged, and they ALL want to have sex with her to cement their power base, it's tough for a modern girl to keep her shapely butt out of trouble... and out of bed.
--Undead and Unemployed (Queen Betsy, Bk 2)--
Betsy Taylor is back in this sequel to Undead and Unwed. Not willing to "live" off her friends, she lands her dream job selling shoes at Macy's, much to the dismay of her consort/King, Eric Sinclair, who is as loyal, protective, and hot as ever. Not that Betsy has any interest in him (or does she?). And now, vampires in her kingdom are being attacked and staked by a mysterious gang. Can she solve the mystery in time to save her kingdom? Can she stop spending all her wages on shoes? Can she resist the charms of Eric Sinclair - does she want to?
--Undead And Unappreciated (Queen Betsy, Bk 3)--
Fans can't get enough of author MaryJanice Davidson and her topsy-turvy world of the undead with its newly-crowned queen, Betsy Taylor.
Now, Betsy continues her reluctant reign while being bedeviled by family secrets.
--Undead and Unreturnable (Queen Betsy, Bk 4)--
Though she's the vampire queen, Betsy Taylor is much more like a princess. In MaryJanice Davidson's novels, this high-maintenance monarch is finally coming to terms with her new status.
They say Christmas is a time for friends and family. But with a half-sister who's the devil's daughter, an evil stepmother, a fiend living in her basement, assorted spirits and killers running amok, and a spring wedding to plan with the former bane of her existence, Eric Sinclair, Betsy is not sure she'll survive the holidays.
Oh, right. She's already dead..."

This contains the first four books in the series. Laugh out loud funny and you won't be able to put it down, although at 700+ pages your hands will frequently go numb. If you like humor with your paranormal romance you will love it.

Queen Betsy

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