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Monday, March 30, 2015

Jane Yellowrock – Dark Heir $50.00 Gift Amazon Card Trivia Contest from BittenByBooks

Excerpt from Dark Heir:
“Yeah.” It wasn’t enough. I didn’t know enough. As usual. “We need to ask someone what happened that night. And try to get a straight answer.”
“Good luck with that. Adrianna, Joseph, and Leo are the only ones still alive to question,” Eli said, amused. “One has scrambled brains, one is drinking people to death, and the other has never been overly forthcoming with the truth.”I thought about the brass knuckles and beating the truth from Leo. Reluctantly, I said, “There’s Bethany.”                                “Ditto on the looney tunes,” Eli said.        “I wonder where Leo got the painting of Adrianna and Barbie? It was with stuff that came from his clan home when it burned, but I never saw it until it was on sub-four. Bruiser said Leo was searching for things pertaining to Santana, so I have to wonder how many other things and bits of evidence there are.”
“Diaries?” Eli asked. “Dear Diary, Today I intend to stake the Son of Darkness. Then a sleepover with my bestie, Adrianna.”
“Okay. Ha-ha. But what about newspapers? Gossip columns were big in the day.”
Eli’s mouth turned down and he nodded as he considered that. “Alex can check through archived newspapers. I’ll look on sub-four and search the room Adrianna used at HQ.” He frowned. “It’s on sub-four too.”
“Nothing vamps do is coincidence. I’ll talk to Leo.” With or without brass knucks and the use of physical violence. “He was here. I need to know more about what he saw.” I started out of the room.
Eli looked at the damaged bedpost. “Sometime soon, we need to get in some more sword practice. We may need it.”
“Until further notice, we carry multiple silver crosses and silver ammo.”
“I’ll get some holy water from a priest I know,” Eli said, “because I doubt we’ll be welcomed back to The Church any time soon.”
I've yet to start this series(plan to binge read it at the beach this summer), though I do have all the books on my TBR shelves but I wanted to share BittenByBooks awesome giveaway to those who are deep into this series.
 In anticipation of Dark Heir the next installment in Faith Hunter’s Jane Yellowrock series, BittenByBooks have cooked up a fun way for you to be involved and have a chance at winning one of TWO $25.00 Amazon gift cards!

Here are some fun trivia questions from Faith Hunter’s Jane Yellowrock novels. How the contest will run. There will be no Giveaway Tools Widget. Instead, you will need to copy all of the questions and the CORRECT answers and email them to the address below. ANY posts that have answers in them here  or on BittenByBooks  blog will be deleted and your entries will not count.

NOTE: DO NOT post your answers in the blog comments section below! Instead please send all of your answers in ONE email to this email address: 
LTP will compile all of the correct answers from the contestants and then pick the two winners. The contest is open to readers worldwide and ends Friday April 3, 2015 at midnight.
Feel free to chat and talk in the comments and have a good time talking about the upcoming release HERE.  
1. What did Angie Baby want, that Jane got for her in New Orleans?
A. A stuffed toy Arcenciel
B. A Cherokee doll with eyes like Jane’s
C. A stuffed toy mountain lion kit
D. A ring with the birthstone

2. How did Jane prompt Katie of Katie’s Ladies to cede ownership of the house Jane lives in to her?
A. Jane won the house in a poker game, along with one of Katie’s girls, and a Grindylow.
B. Black Arts, by accident. Jane negotiated with Katie about finding out where her two missing girls went to and ended up with the house.
C. In the short story Cat Tats when Jane rescued Katie from a blood witch.
D. In the short story Cajun With Fangs, when a Cajun madam won the house and then last it to Jane while playing craps.

3. What happened the first time Jane met Leo?
A. Leo fainted.
B. She bowed and allowed him to taste her blood.
C. They had wild monkey sex in a broom closet
D. She tackled him and slapped him with a silver cross. PS Bruiser was not amused.

4. At what event did Jane first fight with the Liver Eater?
A. In the short story Strange Brew, when the demon attacked
B. In Blood Cross when Leo was trying to kill Angie Baby
C. Skinwalker, when the Liver Eater attacked Rick in an isolated house.
D. Skinwalker, when Immanuel killed Antoine.

5. What is Leo’s full name?
A. Leonard Eugene Zacharie Pellissier
B. Leo the Lion King
C. Leonine Edmund Hartley
D. Leo the Raven-Haired

6. What type of supernatural creature is Girrard DiMercy?
A. Water Witch
B. Troll
C. Elf King
D. Storm God

7. What kind of bird did Jane turn into in order to spy on the goings-on in the cemetery?
A. Black-backed Gull
B. Eurasian Eagle Owl
C. Golden Eagle
D. Red Tailed Hawk

8. What is the devoveo?
A. A cult dedicated to the music of Devo
B. The ceremony during which a Mithran clan leader designates his or her heir
C. The period between a new vampire’s rising and her/his return to sanity
D. The transformation of a human being into a vampire
E. A period of mourning experienced by some vampires when those close to them die a true-death

9. What is a Mithran?
A. The polite name for a vampire who lives according to the Vampira Carta.
B. A vampire who has lost his/her sanity
C. A vampire who prefers to drink from unwilling humans
D. A small green creature sworn to kill weres who spread the taint to another being

10. How does Jane describe Evangelina when she first meets her?
A. One of the original Wicked Witches.
B. A Three Star General version of Molly.
C. Windblown and worn out, looking like something the cat dragged in.

11. Who is Sabina?
A. A really old “Siren” Vampire
B. A beautiful sex kitten of Leo’s
C. The only Vampire who held the Blood Cross and lived
D. The only vamp with 10 inch fangs

12. What does PsyLED Stand for?
A. Psychiatrist to the Lower Elite Demons
B. Psychology of Lesser Ensemble Demons
C. Psychometry Law Enforcement Division
D. Psychology of Lesser Elfin Division

13. Tlvdatsi means what?
A. Raccoon
B. Mountain lion
C. Badger
D. Wolverine

14. What does Anamchara mean?
A. A form of flesh eating bacteria
B. A type of witch
C. What Mithrans call humans they drink from
D. Soul or mind bonding

15. Soul is what kind of supernatural?
A. Witch
B. Werebear
C. Arcenciel
D. Demon

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Books in the Jane Yellowrock series in the order they should be read:

About Faith Hunter
Author Bio:
Faith Hunter has written the Jane Yellowrock series and the Rogue Mage series, as well as the RPG Rogue Mage. Several of her novels have appeared on the New York Times and USA Today Bestseller lists, and she has four new books under contract. Under the pen name Gwen Hunter, she has written action adventure, mysteries, and thrillers. Under all her pen names, she has over 25 books in print in 27 countries.
Faith writes full-time and works full-time in a hospital (for the benefits). She’s a workaholic and playaholic who makes jewelry, collects orchids and bones, travels in her RV with her hubby and two dogs, and white-water kayaks. Once upon a time, she also tried to keep house and cook, but since she started writing two books a year, she may have forgotten how to turn on the appliances.

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