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Thursday, September 22, 2011

MAY 16, 1986 | CBS Watch- Remember When?

REmember When?


In the season after Patrick Duffy left Dallas, the show took a different bent. Producer Leonard Katzman had also left, and he was really the brains behind the show. The new producers were good guys, but they just didn’t get the feel of Dallas. The season’s stories were disappointing, and we started losing our ratings power.
“[Series star] Larry Hagman wanted Patrick back, and Patrick said he would return if Katzman did. And so, just after the season’s shooting wrapped, Katzman returned-and then had to figure out how to make the season disappear, like it had never happened. He decided, ‘We’ll make it a dream.’
“I ended up being one of very few people who was there when they filmed the shower scene [where Duffy returns]. Katzman booked a stage-not whereDallas usually shot at Lorimar, but over the hill at a small studio in Hollywood. We built a shower, and had Patrick in there, with a bar of Irish Spring soap. And so that nobody would know what we were doing, we had him say, ‘Good morning! I’m Patrick Duffy. This is Irish Spring’ or something like that, as if he was filming a real commercial. Then we cut it down to just his first words, ‘Good morning!’ and added it as a new scene at the end of the season finale.

Can't wait to see the New Dallas coming out on TNT the summer of 2012.

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As an avid "Dallas" fan, I never missed a moment. I'm not sure if we had a VCR at this time, probably, but I know I didn't want to go to work and have to avoid people spoiling it for me. I think the moment when we all saw Booby in the shower was much more shocking than who shot JR as it was so totally unexpected and with JR, everybody hated him so other than the who, it wasn't unexpected.  Bobby's scene was so unexpected and back then they were able to keep a much tighter lid on what was happening on a show. I, as did millions, turned in to see how they killed off Charlie Harper but because of the leaks (which I didn't avoid) I already knew that a train and Rose had taken him out, so it was a bit of a let down. But I'll be back to watch the rest of the season as I expect it will be as popular and outrageously funny if not more so the the original. 


Jen at Red Hot Books said...

I was a huge Dallas fan too! I remember flipping out when Bobby showed up in the shower... even though I was probably only 10 years-old.

The casting is great for the new Dallas. I can't believe that Christopher and John Ross are all grown up. (And they sure have grown up well, haven't they? Rwar.)

Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

The character that is playing Christopher was on Desperate Housewives and Chase. Can't wait for this summer show. Maybe it will make up some for the loss of The Closer.