Philosophy is defined as a theory underlying or regarding a sphere of activity or thought. Well, my theory is if I can add at least 10 new books to my Wishlist and move at least 5 older Wishlist selections to my TBR list every month, then life is a ice cream sundae. And if I can find those 10 books from at least 5 new blogs each month then that's the cherry on top.


Well, I've made it almost 5 years now, so for better or worse, I continue on. I tend to blog in spurts as the urge to be creative erupts. As I don't have an artistic bone in my body, you will see very few changes in the layouts. Hey, I'm a reader not an artist like so many of the awesome bloggers I follow. I know you don't always have the time but if you stopped and looked, take a half a minute and say your piece. Recommend a book that you have enjoyed or hated for that matter. Thank you to all who visit.
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Friday, May 6, 2011

Freebies from Sourcebooks, Inc

Sourcebooks, Inc
May eBook Promotions
Free and Discounted eBooks!
Coming Soon from Grace Burrowes
New from Mary Margret Daughtridge

New in the Hailey Twitch Series
New from Carolyn Brown

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We are pleased to introduce CasaVIP, A romance community and newsletter that gives you exclusive access to our "Casa"--where we're always having a party! Get ready for early excerpts, author features, contests, and discounts that will only be available to YOU!
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Just for signing up, you will receive a code to download a free eBook of Romeo, Romeo by Robin Kaye.
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Free eBook

Rosalie Ronaldi doesn't have a domestic bone in her body ...
All she cares about is her career, so she survives on take-out and dirty martinis, keeps her shoes under the dining room table, her bras on the shower curtain rod, and her clothes on the couch ...
Nick Romeo is every woman's fantasy - tall, dark, handsome, rich, really good in bed, AND he loves to cook and clean ...
He says he wants an independent woman, but when he meets Rosalie, all he wants to do is take care of her. Before too long, he's cleaned up her apartment, stocked her refrigerator, and adopted her dog ...
So what's the problem? Just a little matter of mistaken identity, corporate theft, a hidden past in juvenile detention and one big nosy Italian family too close for comfort ...

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Sheery said...

Thanks for the info. Those are some really good choices. I read 'Romeo, Romeo' earlier in the year. It's a great book!

mbreakfield said...

Thanks for the heads up!