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Friday, August 21, 2020

ACCIDENTALLY FAMILY - By Sasha Summers * * * *


                                    Title: Accidentally Family
       Series: Pecan Valley #1
Author: Sasha Summers
Genre:  Clean & Wholesome Romance 
Rating: * * * *
Publishers: Entangled: Amara 
(May 26, 2020)
Paperback: 368 pages
ISBN: 978-16882814741

Welcome to Pecan Valley, where the town may be small but the townspeople will always lend a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on. Where good times, good humor, and good people will always lead to happily ever after. — Life for Felicity, and her teen children, is finally back on track. After her divorce, she wasn’t sure if her sweet family would ever be the same. But things are good –– right up until her ex’s spirited toddler lands on Felicity’s doorstep. If the universe is going to throw lemons at her, thank God she has her best friend, Graham, to help her make lemonade out of them. How did she never notice how kind and sexy he is?

Graham is still recovering from his wife’s death years ago and trying to help his teen daughter get her life together. Who is he kidding? His daughter hates him. Forget lemons -- he’s got the entire lemon tree. So when Felicity suggests they join forces and help each other, he’s all in. And suddenly he can’t stop thinking about her as more than just a friend. Too bad their timing couldn’t be worse…

Because life rarely goes as planned. Luckily there are many different kinds of family to hold you together and lift you up... plus maybe even a little love between friends.

This book brought me to tears several times, and though the character cast is deep, the author does an awesome job of fleshing out the minorist character. This book would definitely be considered a great beach read and definitely going to look for more of this series. Just realized while looking at her Amazon author page that she has several Harlequins with kids on the cover that I've read. That explains her ability to make the teenagers and toddler in this story feel like you know them. It's not often you get a mature romance to go along with the teenager angsty romance. While in general I don't like a book told from mutiple POVs  it worked so well in this book.
Born in San Antonio, The United States
GenreRomance, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Member SinceAugust 2010

Sasha Summers grew up surrounded by books. Her passions have always been storytelling, romance and travel--passions she uses when writing. Now a best-selling and award winning-author, Sasha continues to fall a little in love with each hero she writes. From easy-on-the-eyes cowboy, sexy alpha-male werewolves, to heroes of truly mythic proportions, she believes that everyone should have their happy ending--in fiction and real life.
Sasha lives in the suburbs of the Texas Hill country with her amazing and supportive family. She looks forward to hearing from fans and hopes you'll visit her online. Facebook: Sasha Summers Author, Twitter: @sashawrites, or her website:

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