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Friday, August 14, 2015

Author Nina Mason Release Party and Amazon Gift Card Contest at BittenByBooks

“Being a romantic at heart, Callum wanted to love, loved the idea of being in love, but, for whatever reason, the seeds of affection never took root. As a breeding drone, it was in his nature to seduce, to draw women to himself to satisfy his physical needs. He enjoyed those trysts, enjoyed the chase and the conquest, enjoyed the power he wielded and the erotic gratification their bodies afforded. What man wouldn’t? What he didn’t enjoy was their pursuit of him. Or the lengths he had to go to at times to discourage them.His problem with human women went beyond their inability to keep up with the demands of his libido. Most also were too emotionally needy and demanding. Calling and texting, pouncing on him at lectures and book signings, and generally acting like love-struck fools. As if he’d find such appalling behavior attractive.He relished his privacy and his solitude. Having unwelcome company foisted on him upended his sense of wellbeing. It was that simple. He wanted a woman when he wanted her. When he didn’t, she could go hang herself.The music stopped and so did he. He’d delayed long enough. Time to raise the stakes of their game.He offered her his hand. As she took it, the contact ignited the smoldering cinders of his lust. Bending over her to level their faces, he captured his mouth with his own.His ante.Her tongue glided over his lip as her body moved against his. Her ante, plus a small bump. Seeing her, raising, and adding one of his own, he pulled her to him, welding her body’s heat to his. Her lips parted, inviting his tongue. He gave it to her, sweetening the pot.The kiss deepened and grew more torrid. She tangled her fingers in his hair as he ran his hands down her back, savoring every luscious inch of her. When he worked his way to her buttocks and squeezed, she rolled her pubic bone against his erection. The pleasure of it was so celestial, his eyes rolled back in his head.
His bet, matched and raised.He swept his hands upwards to her shoulders and around to her face, trapping her jaw as they devoured each other. He’d almost meant it when he said he’d be content to simply hold and kiss her all night. Kissing her felt as sweet and natural as licking heather honey from the comb. Though there was other honey he’d rather taste right now.The kiss was escalating in step with his desire. He’d lost track of whose turn it was to bet. He only knew he was all in. Clearly, so was she, given how ardently she was stroking his cock through his trousers. Easing out of the kiss, he nipped and licked her lips as he pulled away. His fangs were descending. He ran his tongue over their sharp points, ready to partake of the next course.“Come, my lady.” He pulled her toward the door. “It’s high time I took you to bed.”
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