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Well, I've made it almost 5 years now, so for better or worse, I continue on. I tend to blog in spurts as the urge to be creative erupts. As I don't have an artistic bone in my body, you will see very few changes in the layouts. Hey, I'm a reader not an artist like so many of the awesome bloggers I follow. I know you don't always have the time but if you stopped and looked, take a half a minute and say your piece. Recommend a book that you have enjoyed or hated for that matter. Thank you to all who visit.
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Friday, July 30, 2010


Hosted by Jennifer from CRAZY FOR BOOKS

Who is your favorite new-to-you author so far this year?
Surprisingly enough, though I've read several new author's (to me) this year I really only have one that I can rave about--Nancy A Collins and her "Vamp" series. The others were so so and until I read their next book will I know if they become a favorite one or not. 

Okay guy's it's FRIDAY! And you know what that means. Go get on over to Jennifer's and add your name to McLinky and get read to met and great new and old friends.

On your blog hop post, tell us about some of the other great blogs you've found while Hopping around!
Tell us how you decide who to Hop to and check out. Last week, I used the entry #s and anyone's whose entry number ended in a 2, I may have visited. This week, I think I'll  visit every other site that their entry site # ends in a 8, staring with 8.

I'm  #42 Lisas Loves Books of Course (7 months)Electric! Come visit me at the hop!

 If you sign MckLinky, please share the love and POST ABOUT THE HOP ON YOUR BLOG!  How else will anyone else find out about it and come join the party?

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Caitlin said...


Stopping in from The Hop! I haven't read the the Vamps series yet but I'll have to check them out!

I'm a follower :)

If you have the time check out my blog:

Nice to meet you!

Manga Maniac said...

I am hopping in for the blog hop. I'm a follower, too!

Your favorite new author is new to me, too. I will have to check her out!

If you have time, drop in and say hi at Manga Maniac Cafe

Lover of Romance said...

Just stopping by from the hop!!! Hope that you are having a good weekend so far!!

Feel free to stop by my place Addicted To Romance

Happy Reading!

Suko said...

Hoppin' by! I am blog hopping in an unofficial way today, to discover new blogs. You have a wonderful site! Happy reading!!

Melody said...

Hi there! Hopping by to visit...thanks for coming by my blog!

Aisle B said...

It's friday! I can't get over how JULY is DONE! Where did the summer fly to?? Bring over your villain to Aisle B :)
Will surprise you with my villain tonight.

pussreboots said...

Happy Friday. Come see who my new favorite authors are.

Linda said...

Blog hopping by. Most of the books I read are by new-to-me authors. My old favorite author books are stacking up and waiting for me to return!.

Jo said...

Hopping on by to see which author(s) you listed --- I actually love Nancy Collins' Sonja Blue books. :)

jane gallagher said...

congrats! you've won a copy of claudia gray's EVERNIGHT in my 1st ever book giveaway. i do hope you like it more than i did. email me at to give me your mailing address and i'll send this off first thing next week. full contest results here:

thanks for entering!

Pepca said...


I've seen you hopped by my blog, so I decided to return a visit. Nice to meet you.

Tresa said...

And the HOP is still ON ... Sunday is when friends visit and offer tall glasses of sweet tea while sitting in the swing on the front porch. Except right now in Georgia we are in a heat-wave with over 100 degree tempertures. So come on inside in the AC and watch NASCAR with us.

Greetings from Tresa via the HOP!