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Friday, March 26, 2010


I have always loved to read so strived to pass this love on to my kids. I read to them as soon as I could get them to sit still for 10 minutes at a time. One of the series that they loved the most was the "Berenstain Bears". This was because until they started school and learned differently, they knew this story as "The Richards Bear Family" and the main characters were Michael Bear and Kelsey Bear. I read dozens of these books to them using their names for Brother and Sister Bear. The storyline fit our family so well that they had no doubt that the books were about them. There was enough age difference in my kids (6 years or more) that I was able to indulge each of them in this way. We read out loud every night until they were able to read by themselves. My sons were more interested in reading a different book every night whereas my daughter liked the same one over and over before going to a new one. Some of the happiest memories of them are piled up in bed and laughing at the antics of the bears and my personal favorite, the "Amber Brown" series that my daughter loved so much. I still laugh when I think of that awful chewing gum ball that she made from all her used gum, yuck! Now, though my oldest would rather see the action take place on the TV screen, the other two are always reading. This love of reading has led to both of them doing exceptionally well in school and receiving scholarships to college. Never underestimate the value of reading "Go Dog Go" just one more time. This is a love that they will pass on to their children and create yet more lovers of the printed page. Now, I get to read to my granddaughter, who like her dad loves the TV, but also loves to pile up while Nana reads to her. Thank goodness for picture books.


KIKI said...

Since you asked for visitors to please say their peace here I am. I landed here from a forum on Book Blogs, it was about commenting. I almost didn't come in because there is a warning of mature content before being redirected to your actual blog. I think because of the naked babies. Not much to say, just checking you out.

Lisa R said...

As you aren't the first to comment on this, I think I'll take it down. I did it more as a precaution as some of the books I read are from
"Ellora's Cave" (although I've not reviewed one yet)and I didn't want anyone to feel uncomfortable. Thanks for stopping by.

KIKI said...

How silly I am. I thought Blogger had put that warning up, not you. And because of naked babies. Ha, ha.

I don't know what Ellora's Cave is, I gather some steamy books. I was thinking instead of putting up the cover, which as you say, may make someone uncomfortable. You could find a pretty picture of something that represents the sexiness of the book. Maybe a pepper icon or a pot steaming or a picture of fire. I don't know. I was just thinking and talking.

Mona said...

I agree that it is so important to read to your kids. We got my daughter her own library card last year. She will be 6 this year. I always check out a ton of books for her and she wants to read at least 3 in one sitting.

In the beginning, I did all the reading, complete with the voices and inflections. Now she wants to show off her reading skills. She especially enjoys reading TV captions -- usually while I'm watching.

One book we both enjoyed was THE LOUDS MOVE IN. She made me read that one 3 times in a row! We both really enjoy the books by Mo Willems. And I love the Berenstain Bears books and TV show too.

Lu said...

I love to read, and really wanted my children to love books as much as I do. I read to my daughter for at least an hour a day when she was younger. She is now 12, and hates reading!
I don't spend as much time reading to my son, as I would like, but at 2, he just won't sit still long enough to finish a book!! For now we just read (look at)picture books, with very little words and make up the story. I can't wait for him to be able to sit still long enough for me to read him the many children's books I have! The Berenstein Bear books, Robert Munsch and Mercer Meyer books are some of my favourites to read to kids!