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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Review- Eugenia Riley - The Great Baby Caper 3 1/2*

Title: The Great Baby Caper
Author: Eugenia Riley
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: * * * 1/2
Publishers: Amazon Digital Svcs
(Oct 1, 2015 reissued  )
Dec 2001 original date
Paperback: 395 pages
FTC Disclosure: ARC provided by the publisher via The Book Machine


Oh, Baby! 

Courtney Kelly is determined to become the next CEO of Bootle’s Baby Bower. Then at her company’s annual convention in New Orleans, Courtney’s crazy boss, M. Billingham Bootle, sends her and the other CEO candidates out on a wild, zany scavenger hunt to determine the winner of the promotion. Courtney’s assigned mission: Find the most eligible bachelor in the French Quarter willing to marry her . . . by morning! 

Daddy Darling! 

Daunted by her outrageous task, Courtney is prowling the French Quarter when she encounters suave, sexy Mark, a dashing Brit who quickly sweeps her off her feet and agrees to pose as her fiancé to help her win. But just as Courtney presents her “prize” to her boss, she learns she has been deceived, that the entire scavenger hunt was a stunt staged to get her to marry her boss’s grandson—who turns out to be none other than Mark! Although furious at him, Courtney can’t escape the consequences of an incredible night of passion she and Mark share. Soon the couple is immersed in a marriage of convenience, with a baby on the way. Mark and Courtney must juggle pending parenthood and a bi-continental marriage as they try to track down a wacky industrial saboteur at the baby products company. Can the expectant couple restore bliss to Bootle’s Baby Bower while finding love—and welcoming their own baby—along the way? 

First let me mention this was first released in Dec 2001 in paperback. I'm always pissed when I pick up a book that is a reprint and they don't mention it on the cover as there's a good chance I've already read it if it's by an author that's had as many great books published as Riley has. Most of which I've read. By the way, the cover is much cooler this time around so it's a shame that you don't get the full benefit as it's an eBook instead of print copy.
It was a fun read but I'm fairly sure I've read it before as I guessed way too soon who the saboteur was. Put aside your knowledge of the working world and enjoy the pure fun and romance of the story. It's about love at first sight and screwball comedy reminiscent of the I Love Lucy show. While the story-line was okay, it was a bit long (something you'll never hear me complaining about). It would have benefited by a rewrite to tighten up the story.

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