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Monday, May 19, 2014

BITTENBYBOOKS Six Year Blogaversary Contests Day ONE!

Hi everybody!
Welcome to day ONE of the blogaversary contests. Since we have SO many prizes we are going to break them up over the  next 6 days. Each day we will have a different set of prizes for you to enter to win. We have a featured prize of the day then bundles of prizes and then swag bags STUFFED full of goodies for each round of prizes. All prizes are open to international readers unless noted somewhere on the post. Enter using the giveaway tools widget at the bottom of the post. There are SEVEN prizes kicking off today’s festivities.

Today’s Major Prizes Are:
Major Prize 1:
This prize is brought to you by author Darynda Jones! Be sure to enter her other contest on the site this week byclicking here when you are finished entering this contest! This prize will be shipped directly to the winner from Amazon by the author at the end of the contest.
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Major Prize 2:
image imageimage imageimageimage
The next major prize for today is from the incredibly talented illustrator and author Lisa Falkenstern who you all got to meet last week on the blog. As some of you may have read, she used to do all of the artwork for V.C. Andrews’ books. Lisa has contributed her ORIGINAL art for the re-issue of Flowers in the Attic in 2000, it’s done in oils, and you are getting the art, not the copyright.  This is an actual painting on wood that is pictured here. Also, part of the prize package from her includes four signed copies of the following V.C. Andrews books: Melody, Pearl in the Mist, Tarnished Gold, Heart of Song they are signed by Lisa who did the cover art (not V.C. Andrews). And ONE signed copy of her book Professor Whiskerton Presents Steampunk ABC.
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Daily Prize Packs:
Prize Pack 1
Prize pack one contains the following items: One signed copy of Meridian Six by Jay Wells and swag, a signed copy of Fable by Lisa Fender and Toni Burns along with a Journal, Book Thong, Post-its and swag, and signed copies of My Magic Mate andDestined Magic by Caryn Moya Block and general swag. One winner gets all the items in this prize package.
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Meridian Six (Volume 1) by Jaye Wells

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Prize Pack 2
Prize pack two contains the following items: Signed copies of Tempt the Stars andFury’s Kiss by Karen Chance and swag, copy of Demon Protection Plan and bookmark by Elizabeth J. Kolodziej, An ebook set (four books) of the Maurin Kincaid series by Rachel Rawlings, and general swag. One winner gets all the items in this prize package.
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Prize Pack 3
Prize pack three includes the following items: Signed copies of the complete The Cowboy and the Vampire series including A Very Unusual RomanceBlood and Whiskey and Rough Trails and Shallow Graves by Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall, a $15.00 Electronic Amazon Gift Card, a signed copy of Sea Bride with swag from LaVerne Thompson and a a signed copy of The Death Chronicles trilogy by William F. Houle /J.E. Taylor and Night Hawk Trilogy by J.E. Taylor with bookmarks, a signed copy of Dying to Know with a bookmark by Tj O’Connor and general swag. One winner gets all the items in this prize package.
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And last but not least two HUGE bags courtesy of the Hallow Read convention stuffed with author swag and goodies.
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miki said...

First congratulations for your 6th blogoversary. i hope you will have many many more and thank you for sharing with us like that for so long

i would be delighted to win prize pack 3 because i know none of these authors yet and those books sound terribly tempting
but i would love if my friend amber ( who i will remember to come and enter;) ) could win the kindle because she desesperaly need it ( in my country they can't be used to full potential anyway so better if it goes to someone who do want it a lot^^)

thank you a lot!!!!

Anita Yancey said...

I would love to win the Kindle Fire. Thanks for having the giveaway.

VampedChik said...

Definitely the kindle! I could really use a new one. The one I have turns itself off every 10 minutes. :( and for my friend Miki to win prize pack 3! :D

Olivia Tan said...

congratulations on ^th blogoversary. I would like to win prize pack 3. thank you for the giveaway :)