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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Thanks to Robert! Never Lose Your Grandson!


This is so right on target. Little kids 
have no governor on what they say. 
When my son was about five, 
he answered the phone one night
 while I was in the shower. This 
is pretty much how the conversation went.

"Richards residence" 
Okay not bad, he had remembered what we taught him.
"She's in the shower" 
Okay too much information but ...
"He's in the shower" 
Okay way too much information
Bigger pause
"Yeah, they're in the shower together" 
OMG- who IS he talking to ?

Never found out WHO he was talking to as 
they didn't leave a name
 but for the next several months,
I constantly expected someone to comment
 on our showering routine.

Anyone out there got a story you wanta share
where your little darling spoke?

This reminds me of something the kindergarten teacher told us when they started school. 
"If you don't believe half the stories about how mean I am to your child,
 I won't believe or repeat any of the stories they tell me about you :)" 


Sarah said...

That is too funny! Both the jokes and your personal story. Kids really do say the funniest things.

kimyunalesca said...

This made me laugh! lol :)) I felt nostalgic while reading this reminds me when I was young and a bit confused about the TO and FROM portion when getting messages from people on the line. I agree with Sarah and kids really are brutally honest ^_~

Nikki said...

You never know whats going to come out of a childs mouth...They are truely amazing!