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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"and the old fashioned paper books" Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

For the full content of the blog that set me off ,check out the link below but I saw red when seeing the "old fashioned" remark and just had to respond. What about you?

"And yeah, I'm seeing people standing in lines reading their Kindle, their Sony, their Nook. Oh, yes, and the old fashioned paper books. It's a people thing. Whatever floats your boat."

"and the old fashioned paper books" Well, I guess I'm just 
destined to be old fashioned if reading a REAL book is old 
fashioned. Besides the fact that I like holding a book in 
my hands, turning pages, and reading at the pool and in the 
tub, it just doesn't make sense to me to fork out $300-
$400 for a reader to hold ebooks that cost as much as my 
old fashioned paper book, that I'd be afraid to use it at the 
pool or in the tub, that I can't loan to a friend and god 
forbid should I lose it. Then I'm out the price of the 
reader and possibly a thousand dollars worth of books(cause I 
READ lots of books). Thank goodness if I lose my old 
fashioned book, hey so what, I can buy another without having 
to sell my first grandchild. It's not that I'm against 
technology, jeez we got computers, cell phones, large 
screen TVs, I-pods(hell we even use one on the 
motorcycle) and radios in our helmets. We got technology out 
the ying-yang in our life. I just see the outrageous cost 
of whole thing and can't believe that people have been 
suckered into it. I'm not saying I'll never have one but 
besides the cost going to have to drop drastically, there 
will have to be many more technological changes to the 
readers to get me to get one.


OutnumberedMama said...

Man, Lisa! I totally thought I was alone on this one! I just can't make the huge financial leap for a lot of the reasons you mentioned. Also because I would have to hide it from my kiddos because they would undoubtedly want to play with it. And that would mean that I can't have a book within arm's reach all the time - gasp! And besides I like flipping the pages - looking ahead to see how much longer the chapter is, cheating by reading the last chapter when the suspense is too much and I have heard this is a pain on the eReader! I have several friends that have them and other that are salivating over them, and I just don't get it. I guess we can just be old-fashioned together, Lisa!
Hey, if you have a minute can you send me an email (polsen11{at}comcast{dot}net. I would like for you to do a guest post on my book blog!

Monica said...

I love my ereader...but I also love my normal books. Regular books, dead tree books. Def have never called it old fashioned. Weird people.

chrissie_goldsmith said...

Hmmm, I have to admit that I've got an ereader and I absolutely LOVE it. I got it for Christmas from hubby and I don't think I could do without it now.
BUT, I also love normal books too! I wouldn't stop reading them just because I've got my ereader and I would never be so rude as to call them 'old fashioned paper books'. I think it is a personal choice and I think there is enough room in the world for both types of book.

Lu said...

I LOVE my "old fashioned" books. LOL,old fashioned books??
My response to that would likely have been the same as yours or pretty darn close!

Chi Kittie said...

I could never get a ereader. I love holding a book in my hands and reading. Makes reading feel more special to me


Louisa said...

And from the way that hey were talking, that person wasn't a reader, or wasn't around books all that much. Wish that they hadn't commented on something that seems, to me, that they don't have a lot of contact with, or really understand. boks are the best, and yet, I'm pretty much the only one in real life that reads as much as I do, and then it makes me happy that there are places online like here that has people who love to read and who love books as much as I do. Books are just great!