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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Accidentally Demonic by Dakota Cassidy

Accidentally Demonic (Accidental Friends, Bk 4)
Author: Dakota Cassidy
Rating * * * *
Review Date 3/18/10
Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Berkley Trade; 2/2/2010
                    ISBN-13: 978-0425232286

When mild-mannered Casey Schwartz wakes up in jail, she has no memory of how she got there.
But after her sister, Wanda, bails her out, Casey has more to deal with than a foggy memory-
like abrupt mood swings and fireballs shooting from her fingertips. But things really head 
south when a vampire shows up on her doorstep...
Vampire Clayton Gunnersson is seriously hot. And seriously taken -- by a demon. In a ritual,
gone wrong, Clayton tried to get rid of his unwanted bond, but spilled some demonic blood on 
Casey, getting her possessed in the process. Now, Casey has to share her body and manage to 
keep her growing attraction to Clayton in check, because falling for her demon's boyfriend 
just might get Casey killed -- from the inside out.

If you like a laugh or snort with your paranormal, you’ve got to read Dakota’s latest addition to her “Accidentally” series. I made myself take at least 2 days to read this as I knew that her next “Accidentally” was 15 months away. May 2011-too long I tell you.

While Casey can hold her own with that whinny bitch Nina, it was hilarious to see the two of them go at it. Nina was always bitchy and it’s a hoot to see someone as mild mannered as Casey go from normal to womp-ass in 3 seconds flat. I’ve never seen the emos swing so much in anyone under 50 that wasn’t going through menopause. Wow! What I’d have given to be able to shoot fire out of my fingertips at that time and singe a little hair.  And when Nina and Casey take on the Double Knit twins, honestly I thought I’d pee in my pants.

While the romance factor in this book didn’t seem as smooth, maybe even a little forced, this book is well worth the time to read. The best parts in my opinion are the three characters from the earlier books. I love how their friendship unites them in a cause but I sure missed the Bobbie-Sue Cosmetics color wheels. :(
And unfortunately (for you), I can't put this book up to swap at PBS as it's autographed by DC so you're going to have to get your copy elsewhere.

Check out Dakota Cassidy at for a list of her other books and where she had this to say:

“And lastly, I got another gig. Yep–those crazy accidentals have another installment in May 2011 titled Accidentally Catty. A vet who turns into a cougar who kinda IS a cougar ’cause she’s 40–HAHAHAHA.”

Accidental Friends
1. Accidental Werewolf (2008)
2. Accidentally Dead (2008)
3. The Accidental Human (2009)
4. Accidentally Demonic (2010)
5. Accidentally Catty (5/2011)

FTC: I won this book in a contest where I got to pick a book.


Dakota Cassidy said...

LOLLOL--thank you!

DC :)

Anonymous said...

Now you've piqued my curiosity- how do "Bobbie-Sue Cosmetics color wheels" fit in with vampires and demons...I have to read the series, don't I?

Lisa R said...

Be sure and start with book 1 so that you don't miss a minute of DC's snarky humor. They come with a warning though, DO NOT EAT OR DRINK WHILE READING AS SPEWING MAY OCCUR